After a crazy busy summer, I am taking these crisp fall days as a reminder to slow down and relax. I know that with the holiday season coming up, life will soon get hectic again, so I want to make sure I am going into that season feeling grounded. Here are 5 ways that I am practicing self-care this fall.

  1. Light some candles.ย 
    There is something so therapeutic about burning candles. I find the warm glow calming. Right now, I am a huge fan of wooden wick candles because I love the crackling noise they make- it sounds like a fireplace! I would also recommend looking for candles that use all natural colors and essential oils.
  2. Take a bath.
    This is another one of my favorite hobbies- especially in the cooler weather. Recently, I’ve been using a variety of essential oil bath bombs. They leave me feeling calm and also my skin is super moisturized after!
  3. “Fall cleaning”
    Open up the windows on a warmer fall day. Wash your bedding and vacuum the floor. Get the house fresh and clean! It will be so worth it when everything smells fresh and you’ve had a chance to circulate air in your home.
  4. Bake goodies.
    Pies, cookies, cupcakes.. Fill your house with the warm smell of sugar and spice! This is the perfect time to enjoy pumpkin and cinnamon flavors.
  5. Clean up your social media.
    This one is important to me. I went through a phase where I felt like I needed to be friends with EVERYONE that I met on Facebook. Take a chance to clean up your social media. Unfollow people who upset you or that you don’t know. Anyone or anything that doesn’t bring good energy into your life, doesn’t deserve to be there!

I hope you can find the time to practice some self-care this fall. Leave a comment with any suggestions you have for me to try!



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