I want to talk about signs. Specifically for me, they are from a deceased loved one, but I think it is all in what you believe or how you interpret your surroundings.

Shortly after the loss of my brother, I began to feel him with me again. It comes in waves, but I certainly get signs from him. It can be anything from a warm feeling of comfort when I’m sad, or the radio changing to his favorite songs.

I have found that I notice butterfly’s EVERYWHERE. I recognize these friends as a sign from my brother. A butterfly symbolizes great transformation and personal growth- which is definitely something I have experienced since the loss of Seth. Every time I see a butterfly, I try to remind myself of the following things…

•Not to be discouraged about where I am- I am on my journey and still growing.
•Live my life fully- take on each day with a brave and grateful heart.
•Change in perspective is okay- learn to embrace this change.
•Always stay in touch with your higher self.

Most importantly, they remind me to look at bad situations and find the positive. I have been able to transform the darkness into something that has helped me grow.. 🦋💙

What are your thoughts on this? Do you receive signs from a loved one that really stick out to you?


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