Why it’s okay to do NOTHING all day


Disclaimer: Please visit my resources page if you feel that you need help or to reach out to someone. You are not alone.

We certainly know that there is a huge stigma around mental health, that we are slowly working on changing.

I try to live my life with a very positive outlook. I’m a strong believer in stopping to smell the roses and looking for the good things in every moment. The truth is, that despite all the good energy that I have, I still have bad days.

On my bad days, I find myself lacking motivation and energy. Being around people can be draining, even if they are my best friends and just want to bring me joy. On these days, I cancel plans and decide to stay in. You may experience similar feelings, or you may experience totally different sensations. That is ok. Having these bad mental health days is OK. Knowing you have to step back from other people to focus on yourself is OK.

We all need a time out to recharge our batteries, whether we suffer with mental health problems or not.

Take this alone time to practice some Self-Care. One of my favorite forms of self-care on a bad day, is to curl up in comfy clothes and read a book. What do you do when you need a day in away from everyone?

Just remember, that if you are having a bad mental health day, there is still hope. There are still resources and people there for you. If you feel like doing nothing- that is exactly what you should do. But be sure to take care of yourself- drink plenty of water and don’t forget to eat healthy meals!





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